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Queen Mary II - Surround photos of the shore where the Queen Mary II was mored when she was in Las Palmas de Gran Canaria. 4 Photos takes on different times, until departure. Unfortunately we don't have a virtual tour from the inside of the Queen Mary II.

Club Barbacoa Puerto Rico - One surround photo of the biggest entertainment bar/restaurant of Puerto Rico, Gran Canaria, taken during the performance of The Drifters.

Villa Oasis Golf Maspalomas - Extensive virtual tour of this holiday villa with 8 surround photos, made for promotion of the villa.

Best photography galleries in Chicago

We know that everyone can take a picture. But what makes certain photographs appear more beautiful from a professional’s lens? Without any doubts, in current days photography has grown to become an impressive art medium that still evolves with every artist and exposition. If you go out with a beautiful Escort Chicago and you want to have a remarkable time together, make sure you do not miss the best photography galleries in Chicago.

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If you want to admire the most beautiful photographs in Chicago, you must visit Museum of Contemporary Photography on S Michigan Avenue. Over 10,000 pictures dating back to 1936 are part of the incredible collection held in this museum. Various digital artists and community educators collaborate with this museum in their will to illuminate the political and cultural significance of the photographic medium as a way and form of creative expression. In case you wish to admire the immense collection from Museum of Contemporary Photography by the side of your appealing escort found on http://www.escortdirectory.com/escorts-chicago-il-71/, make sure you purchase your tickets in advance.

Venture to Chicago Cultural Center on E Washington Street for a variety of gallery exhibits, musical concerts, free lectures and unique photographs. Placed within a beautifully-designed structure where a unique black-and-white photographic collection of historically significant Chicago images is displayed, Chicago Cultural Center is definitely a place you must visit if you appreciate quality photography. After this cultural experience you have to head to Mary & Leigh Block Museum of Art, which is situated on Arts Circle Drive, on the prestigious Northwestern University Evanston campus.

Over 5,000 works in print, drawings and sculptures can be admired in Mary & Leigh Block Museum of Art. The photographic artwork exposed in this museum is focused on documentary images from a social perspective. Contemporary pieces of Chicago artists are exposed here along with photographs and artwork of many international artists. Invite your attractive escort Chicago for a cultural adventure in Mary & Leigh Block Museum of Art right before going in a fancy club where you will sip a few drinks while changing opinions on what you admired in the galleries.

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Museum of Contemporary Art is situated on E Chicago Avenue and represents an important hot spot for those who wish to admire the best art in Chicago. With the goal to enlighten the public with the visionary works of art in all mediums, Museum of Contemporary Art reflects our cultural views in the ever-changing political climate. Thought-provoking expositions are constantly displayed in this museum along with compelling photographs and images of the most significant societal changes of the past years.

Whether you wish to find the latest trends in photography or you are interested in the history of Chicago, these are only a few museums and galleries you should visit in Chicago. Meet a stylish escort Chicago to be your guide and you will sure have a memorable cultural trip in this vibrant city!